A Deeper Examination

A deeper examination of our lives, most often throws up a range of powerful feelings like fear, hatred, guilt or shame. We feel helpless when confronted by them. Intense exploration can result in powerful emotions being released and this in turn can lead to pointless and destructive arguments and struggles. Or again, as it often happens, it can lead to an atmosphere of pseudo harmony in which balance is maintained through strict rules of behaviour, and the agreement not to discuss things which are uncomfortable or painful. The danger with this is that the unpleasant feelings we try to avoid are anyway lurking under the surface and this keeps us in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

For this reason, the space in which we want to look at our deeper feelings together, needs to be maintained and protected and this is best done, by individuals who have worked their way through such feelings, or at least managed to do so, to a large extent.

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